Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assualt


Crews Law Firm, PC has successfully represented many women and men who have been sexually harassed at work or who have been sexually assaulted in other situations. Sexual harassment can hurt and damage a person emotionally, financially, and professionally. Our attorneys fight to help and protect people in these difficult and sensitive situations. If the sexual harassment is currently taking place, we help protect our clients from retaliation, protect their employment and means of making a living, and make sure the harassment stops. We fight to help protect our clients’ privacy and well-being and obtain fair compensation for what they have been through.

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Sexual harassment can take many forms and each situation is unique, but here are some examples of sexual harassment cases handled by Crews Law Firm:

  • A supervisor/company owner made numerous, persistent sexual and romantic advances towards a newly hired female employee, including sending her flowers, buying gifts and sending text messages. Initially, our client was unsure how to handle the situation, tried to deflect the advances, but ultimately felt pressured, confused, and fell into a “consensual” relationship. When our client made it clear that she no longer wanted to be involved with her supervisor, the supervisor continued to pursue her and made it impossible for her to perform her job. Crews Law Firm was able to stop the harassment, obtain paid administrative leave, and full and fair compensation as part of a negotiated severance agreement and resignation. The agreement also including a positive job reference and protection from future retaliation.
  • Coworkers and a supervisor repeatedly made numerous crude, vulgar sexual jokes and comments at work. Some would actually touch our client in inappropriate ways, such as asking her for hugs, and touching her buttocks, arms and shoulders in a sexually provocative manner. The employee reported the conduct to a company HR hotline and soon afterwards, her supervisor began closely scrutinizing her performance, singling her out, treating her differently from other employees, and ultimately terminated her employment 10 months later. Crews Law Firm forced the employer to address the sexually hostile work environment and retaliation and helped our client resolve the matter without filing a lawsuit.
  • A male supervisor continually subjected another male subordinate employee to unwanted sexual advances. The supervisor had his subordinate go on business trips with him, share a hotel room, and made unwanted sexual advances. Crews Firm helped the client report the situation, obtain paid leave while it was investigated, and resolve the situation in a private, professional, and favorable way for our client.


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