Non-Compete Agreements


Crews Law Firm regularly represents and counsels individuals regarding non-compete agreements. Our goal is to help keep you from getting sued because of a non-compete, and if necessary, defend you if you are.

In recent years, more employers have required employees to sign non-compete agreements. Faced with no real choice, many people often do sign these agreements believing (or hoping) they will be unenforceable. In reality, the Texas Supreme Court has interpreted non-compete law in a way that is much more favorable to corporations and businesses and made the agreements easier than ever to enforce.

Nonetheless, there are still ways to challenge and defeat non-compete agreements or to negotiate with employers regarding the terms. Crews Law Firm works with employees with non-compete issues, both before and after they have been signed. We will evaluate and explain whether and to what extent the agreement is enforceable, ways to respond if a former employer attempts to enforce the agreement, and options for complying with the agreement while still being able to pursue your career.

If you need help regarding a non-compete agreement, contact Crews Law Firm at (512) 346-7077 or click here to schedule a consultation with one of our lawyers.

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