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The attorneys at Crews Law Firm, P.C. have over 60 years of experience, skill and knowledge representing clients in the areas of personal injury, employment law and other litigation matters:

  • Wrongful Death – If you have lost a loved one due to someone else’s negligence, we can help. Crews Law Firm has successfully represented many families in this difficult situation.
  • Auto and Truck Accidents – If you were injured in an accident involving a car, semi-truck, motorcycle, or other vehicle, our Austin personal injury attorneys will work to get your case investigated promptly, preserve essential evidence, and represent and protect your rights.
  • Claims Against Drunk Drivers – if you or a loved one has been injured by a drunken driver, we will hold that person responsible and pursue all possible sources of compensation for your recovery.
  • Construction Site Accidents – Falls from scaffolding and OSHA violations can cause brain, spine, and neck injuries. Our law firm has the experience and resources to protect your rights and we will work to help get justice and compensation for your injuries, medical bills, lost wages and other damages.
  • Other Injuries and Negligence – Whether you were injured in a bicycle crash, pedestrian accident, amusement park mishap, or other tragedy due to the fault of another, we will help hold the negligent party accountable.
  • Assault and Sexual Assault – If you or a loved one was assaulted, including sexual assault, the attorneys of Crews Law Firm have the knowledge and experience to work and fight for you in these difficult and often sensitive situations.
  • Defective Products Cases – If you have been injured by defective or dangerous car airbag, medical device, or pharmaceutical drug, you may be entitled to damages. Our Texas defective product lawyers will evaluate your case and give you the options for recourse.
  • Wrongful Termination/Illegal Termination – If you were terminated or fired from your employment or believe you may soon be terminated, we can help if the termination violates one of the federal or Texas employment laws.
  • Sexual Harassment – If you are being sexually harassed at work, we can help. The Crews Law Firm has successfully represented many women and men who have been sexually harassed at work or who have been sexually assaulted in other situations.
  • Discrimination – If you have been subjected to Disability Discrimination, Pregnancy Discrimination, Age Discrimination, Race Discrimination (including National Origin), Sex Discrimination (including LGBT), or Religious Discrimination, we have successfully represented and fought for the rights of numerous employees in these areas.
  • Severance Agreements – Employers often offer terminated employees a severance agreement. Crews Law Firm has extensive experience reviewing and negotiating severance agreements for terminated employees.
  • Retaliation– It is illegal for an employer to retaliate against an employee for opposing illegal discrimination, requesting reasonable accommodations, taking FMLA leave, opposing wage and hour violations, or because the employee took other legally protected actions, such as whistleblowing.
  • Whistleblowers– Texas and federal law protect whistleblowers in many situations, including reports of violations of law by government employees, nursing home and health care employees, reports of corporate fraud under Sarbanes Oxley, refusing to do illegal acts, and numerous other situations.
  • Overtime/Minimum Wage – Federal law requires employers to pay overtime to certain non-management employees and prohibits retaliation against an employee for opposing violations of the overtime laws. Crews Law Firm represents employees in these cases.
  • Non-Compete – Non-compete agreements can seriously impact your ability to earn a living. If you have a non-compete that you signed or are being asked to sign, we can explain your rights and have represented numerous employees in this important area.
  • Employment Contracts – Crews Law Firm reviews and drafts employment law contracts and has represented numerous employees in disputes over employment contracts.
  • Unemployment Benefits– Unemployment benefits are often crucial to our clients who have lost their employment. Crews Law Firm fights on behalf of terminated workers to help obtain unemployment benefits.
  • Civil Rights – Crews Law Firm has represented individuals in cases involving violations of civil rights, including illegal police and law enforcement conduct that resulted in death and serious injuries, free speech, and other civil rights matters.
  • General Business Representation – We provide cost-effective and ethical representation for select small business in legal matters involving breach of contract, employment issues, insurance subrogation, arbitration, and other commercial litigation matters.
  • Harassing Debt Collection – Particularly these days, many consumers are being harassed by third party debt collectors. Whether the basis for the harassment is an old credit card, a department store account, or a bank loan, debt collectors make a living out of illegally harassing consumers. Through persistent and abusive calls and letters, debt collectors can cause consumers and their families untold stress and anguish. Let our firm help you with debt collector harassment and work to enforce your legal rights against the illegal collection practice.
  • Consumer Claims – Have you been the victim of insurance fraud, or feel that a consumer good you purchased was misrepresented? Our lawyers have the knowledge to see you are treated fairly and will help you file a claim.
  • Public Interest Litigation – Crews Law Firm has represented individuals in cases involving civil rights, free speech, public information act and open meetings act issues, campaign finance and other matters involving issues of public importance.

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