Sex Discrimination


Sex or gender discrimination is illegal. Even so, sex discrimination in the workplace, primarily towards women, still regularly occurs. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Chapter 21 of the Texas Labor Code prohibit discrimination in employment because of sex or gender. Sex discrimination happens when a person is treated worse or negatively because of their sex. Sex or gender discrimination includes sexual harassment and pregnancy discrimination, but also includes those situations where women are simply more harshly or negatively, held to different and more critical standards, not given the same opportunities as men, or otherwise treated in an inferior way. Crews Law Firm has represented many women who have been discriminated against because of their sex. Call (512) 520-5556 today or click here to schedule an appointment if you have been discriminated against because of sex. 

Discrimination Because of Gender Stereotypes Is Illegal

Sex discrimination can also include being treated differently because the person does not fit the traditional gender stereotypes. For example, gender stereotypes can include a man who may seem “effeminate” or women who are seen as “too assertive” or strong. Protecting employees from gender stereotype discrimination was first recognized in an important case by the United States Supreme Court called Price Waterhouse v. Hopkins. Since that case, other courts have followed the law and held that it is illegal to treat someone differently because they do not meet a traditional gender stereotype. For example, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in 2013 found in favor of a male who worked for a construction company and who was subjected to verbal and physical harassment because he did not conform to his employers views on how “a man should act.” Call Crews Law Firm at (512) 520-5556 today or click here to schedule an appointment if you have been discriminated against because of sex or gender stereotypes.

Crews Law Firm has fought against employment discrimination for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender clients. Federal and Texas law on employment discrimination is evolving for LGBTQ+ individuals. In the past, courts have held that Title VII and Texas state law do not specifically prohibit discrimination against someone because of their sexual orientation. However, the prohibition against gender stereotype discrimination, discussed above, has been extended to transgendered individuals by numerous courts. Additionally, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission under President Obama interpreted the federal law’s protection against sex discrimination to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation, however, this interpretation is not binding on courts. Numerous Texas cities have ordinances which prohibit employment discrimination against LGBTQ+ individuals, however, the rights and remedies available under those ordinances are limited. LGBTQ+ employment cases present unique challenges. Crews Law Firm has the experience, knowledge and determination to fight for LGBTQ+ individuals who have been discriminated against in the workplace. Call (512) 520-5556 today or click here to schedule an appointment to find out more information if you have been discriminated against because of sexual orientation or because you are transgender.

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