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Crews Law Firm, P.C. are Austin lawyers that successfully represent and fight for employees across Texas in a wide range of difficult employment law situations. We represent people from all walks of life: executives, mid-level professionals, and blue collar or low-wage workers. We understand how losing your job or being harassed at work can be devastating to you and your family and have extensive experience working and fighting for employee rights. We care about our clients and our goal is to help people who have been treated illegally and unfairly in their jobs. Employment law can be complicated and is constantly changing, and you should select someone with experience and knowledge in this area. We have extensive knowledge and experience handling complex employment law matters. We will give you our honest opinion whether you have a claim, discuss your legal options, and will fight hard to help our clients who have been treated illegally.

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You Must Act Quickly In Employment Cases

Employment discrimination and retaliation cases have very short deadlines to take legal action. If you miss these deadlines, you may lose all legal rights to make a claim against an employer for damages. Therefore it is important to act quickly. For example, the law requires that a “charge of discrimination” must be filed with either the EEOC, the Texas Workforce Commission (or the City of Austin Equal Employment Office) within 180 days under Texas law and 300 days under federal law from when you first learned of the “adverse employment action” such as a firing or demotion. Whistleblower and other retaliation claims also have very short deadlines. If you believe you were been fired because of illegal discrimination or retaliation, talk to a lawyer as soon as possible and before filing a charge of discrimination so you can get knowledgeable representation from the start.

Additional Resources

For more information on employment law and the types of evidence used in employment law cases, click here for an article written by Crews Law Firm Of Counsel Attorney Robert W. Schmidt published in the Texas Bar Journal.
For additional information on employment law, also visit the Workplace Fairness website at http://www.workplacefairness.org/.

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